Common mistakes made by German Speakers

You can use this as homework, or as an activity to drop in when you have 20 minutes left at the end of the class.

  1. I’m sorry but I’ve changed my meaning
  2. These are typically problems with the new release
  3. I have met my new colleague last week
  4. I’m very happy with my new job
  5. Why you came to work so late?
  6. We are 5 people in my class
  7. Please don’t disturb me. I’m working very hard
  8. I’m interesting to learn more about your company
  9. He’s never been in charge of such an important project before
  10. If I will watch the football match later, then I will go to the pub to watch it with my friends
  11. We don’t have to smoke in my office. It’s not allowed.
  12. I’m going on holiday next week
  13. I know no-one who is happy in my company
  14. My wife and I spoke yesterday and we’ve decided. We will move to Dusseldorf.
  15. I’ve been watching Jurassic Park 3 times

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