Experience bingo

A favourite of English teachers and cruise ship passengers around the world, the fine game of Bingo can be adapted in loads of ways to practice various grammar, functions and vocabulary. One of my favourite variations is experience bingo, where your students talk about their life experiences and find out which experiences others have had.


You don’t need to prepare anything specific for this activity, although it’s helpful to have a whiteboard or flipchart to brainstorm activities. Whilst this activity works best as practice for present perfect, it can also be used as a warmer for higher level groups who have already looked at the tense. 20150723_170218

Time: 10 – 20 minutes
When: Warmer or present perfect practice
Level: Pre-intermediate – Advanced
Happy students: ****

Detailed procedure:

  1. Brainstorm a list of experiences on the board. You could do this as a simple brainstorm, asking your students what their favourite experiences have been and which ones they would most like to have in the future, or put your students into groups and ask them to come up with 5-6 each. You need a list of at least 15.
  2. Ask the students to draw a 4×3 grid on a piece of paper
  3. They then write an experience from the list on the board in each box
  4. Ask the students to stand up and find someone who has done each of the experiences that they’ve written. Once they have found someone, they should cross the box and move on to another classmate
  5. The winner is the first person to make a complete line, or to find all the experiences – depending on how you want to play

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