17 reasons for the UK to REMAIN in the EU

Warning: TEIB goes political! However, I think this can be excused as the 23rd June referendum on continued membership of the EU will have a profound impact on British English teachers around the continent.

  1. Likely economic recession if the UK votes to leave
  2. The EU accounts for 52% of the UK’s trade. Like it or not, the UK and EU are closely integrated. Leaving would result in loss of trade privileges and imposition of tariffs
  3. Although leave supporters have stated that the UK can negotiate unilateral agreements with the EU, this is by no means certain. The EU may choose to make an example out of the UK to discourage others from leaving
  4. Even if the UK is able to negotiate free trade agreements, the country will have to abide by the rules set out by the EU without any say on how those rules are made.
  5. Likely price increase for things regulated by the EU including short-haul flights and mobile phone roaming charges. Loss of EU health insurance card
  6. Millions of Britons who want to work, study and live in the EU would lose the right to free movement
  7. Likely repatriation of millions of British pensioners living in Spain and France and resulting huge increase in care costs and strain on the NHS. Many of these people have no right to vote in the referendum, effectively being evicted from their homes through no fault of their own.
  8. Rural areas including Wales, Scotland, Cornwall receive a great deal of monetary support from the EU which will be withdrawn should the UK leave.
  9. A high likelihood that Scotland would demand a 2nd referendum and resulting high possibility of the breakup of the UK
  10. The UK is the 2nd largest beneficiary of EU research funds
  11. EU immigrants make a positive contribution to the UK economy.
  12. Leaving is unlikely to have a major impact on immigration. Like it or not, we live in an increasingly globalised world. Thirty years ago, it wasn’t common to move to other countries, now millions of people do it. Immigration is a fact of life.
  13. Worker’s rights are protected by the EU. Increased immigration may result in supply and demand reduce wages. Many stauch leave supporters, notably Iain Duncan Smith have fought endlessly to destroy workers rights and unemployment benefits,
  14. Loss of huge monetary support for British farmers from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
  15. The USA has already stated that a Brexit would reduce the UK’s importance in their eyes
  16. A Brexit would make Vladimir Putin the happiest person in the world.
  17. People. Finally, if you’re not up to date with the other arguments, focus on the supporters of each side.
  18. Remain

    British Prime minister (David Cameron)
    British chancellor (George Osbourne)
    Leader of the world’s most powerful nation (Barack Obama)


    A leader who is quite clearly using the issue to support his own ambitions to become prime minister (Boris Johnson)
    A man who’s Department of Work and Pensions planned a week of parties to celebrate cutting unemployment benefits (Iain Duncan Smith)
    Who’s built his entire political career on one issue. Serious point here. If Britain does vote to leave, what, or who, will be his next target? (Nigel Farage)

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