Plane watching at Tegel airport

Despite Ryanair’s ‘on-time’ arrival announcement, people clapping when landing and Schönefeld airport, the inner child in me still gets excited by aeroplane travel. Experiencing childhood in an era before budget airlines has helped me appreciate how convenient intra-European transportation is compared to the time before Easyjet and the like, and how much more challenging things were for English teachers when air travel was a once-a-year option.20150912_151824

Travelling by plane is only one side of the story though. I also enjoy the whimsical activity of watching planes take off and land – much like Wayne and Garth in Wayne’s World, minus the Mirth Mobile. Plane watching may sound like the preserve of an anorak-wearing, notebook-toting saddo, but combine it with a bike ride round Tegel forest and it becomes a socially standard pursuit (and I don’t own an anorak).

The area to the North and West of Berlin’s Tegel airport features a beautiful lake (Flughafensee) which you can swim in, a forest and wildlife reserve as well as a network of bike tracks to explore, making a great afternoon out when the weather is clement (which I accept will probably only be for another 2 weeks).


  1. Start at Tegel airport (A)
  2. Head to the plane watching point (B)
  3. Finish up at Flughafensee (C)

tegel map

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