I started this blog in August 2014 to give practical advice about teaching in Berlin alongside teaching ideas, games and activities, which is something I couldn’t find in another blog. The information you will find relates to my experiences here as an EU citizen and a business English teacher. If any of the articles or activities are useful for you or if you disagree, please leave me a comment. Many thanks.

My BackgroundDSCN3564

I’m David. I grew up in the fine city of Bristol, the cheese and cider capital of the UK. After studying History and Geography and working for some years in Human Resources, I decided to try my hand at teaching English. Based on a couple of fantastic city breaks a few years previously, I took the CELTA in the wonderful city of Madrid, Spain in June 2011. June maybe in hindsight was not the best choice as the entire city goes on holiday during July and August and there is absolutely no work for English teachers. Still, it gave me plenty of opportunity to visit every museum in the city, especially the ones with air conditioning to escape from the 42 degree heat. Come September, I found a job teaching Business English and later, Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) exam classes. I left Madrid on 1st July 2012, the day after Spain won the European Championship, and with a hangover from the celebrations in Plaza de Cibeles. I moved to Manchester in the UK where I taught intensive General English and IELTS exam preparation classes. I came to Berlin in February 2014 to improve my teaching skills, experience life in another country and hopefully, learn my German. During my time in Germany, I have taught on a freelance basis, teaching Business English in companies across Berlin before taking up a contract teaching position for a well known academy.

When I’m not teaching, I spend my time rock climbing, playing football (real and fantasy), cooking (in a very limited way) and learning languages.

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  1. Joy Maynard says:

    David your experiences sound fantastic and I wanted you to know that I am so proud to know you! You have experienced so much since leaving Bristol and in my eyes has helped you become the person you are today! You have been able to develop your own life time experiences to become a wonderful person that you are in your own right rather than follow others! You are making your own destiny and wow to do this in such an exciting place as Berlin! Hope to catch up soon David! Joy ☺️

  2. David McFetridge says:

    Hi Joy. Thanks you so much for your message. It’s certainly been a great experience since leaving Bristol, but of course difficult to leave everyone behind. Speak to you soon! David

  3. Rachel Daw says:

    Hey David,
    I’m just about to press ‘Publish’ on a blog post linking to your blog, and just wanted to stop by and tell you how great I think your new blog is before I do 🙂
    Hope the link is OK – let me know if you don’t approve and I shall happily remove it!

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