Class review game

“Repetition, repetition, repetition”.

The favourite quote of an experienced teacher who I know. Regular repetition is vital to any language learner, even the ones who are incredibly dedicated enough to revise at home and you will discover that those students in busy Business English are not all that common.

This game is intended as a mid-course review activity – to highlight weak areas and enable the teacher to plan accordingly. The game reviews 3 areas – grammar, vocabulary and functional/business language. 20150815_113745

Progress check game board
Example cards


This game does require a fair bit of prep work. You need to prepare grammar, vocabulary and functional language cards to review what you have covered in class. You’ll find examples above. Of course, to play this game, you’ll need to have kept a record of vocabulary as well as grammar and functional language in order to make your cards. The number of cards you need to prepare will depend on the size of your class. I usually prepare 10 in each category.

For those who want to play the game but don’t want to put in the prep, feel free to use the example cards above.

You will also need a dice for each board. This game works best with groups of 4 students, although can be used with 2 (or one, with the teacher) upwards.

Time: 60 – 90 minutes
When: Mid-course review
Level: Elementary – Advanced
Happy students: *****

Detailed procedure:

  1. Each student needs a counter (a coin, a piece of paper with their initials). Place the counters on the start position.
  2. Roll the dice and move the corresponding number of squares.
  3. G – take a grammar card
    B – take a business (functional) language card
    V – take a vocabulary card (student must keep this card secret)
    Free question – a free choice between grammar, vocabulary or business language
    Challenge – challenge another student. For example, sing a song, draw something on the board or do a dance
    Take a rest – do nothing
    Jail – Go to jail, do not collect… Go back to the start for your next turn

  4. The student who is furthest round the board when you run out of cards is the winner.

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