Easy essen for English Teachers: Chinco Vietnam Restaurant

Supremely-central Vietnamese eatery Chinco is a budget friendly lunchtime option boasting a sit down restaurant, a takeaway section with standing tables, an outdoor seating area, and dusty 1970s style décor.20150529_124433

Although the surroundings are not exactly inspiring, Chinco’s culinary fare offers relief. The sit down restaurant features a full range of East Asian cuisine. However, the travelling English teacher is more likely to take their repast in the takeaway section next door. The offerings here are rather more limited – basically coming down to a choice between a plate of chicken and rice, or a ‘Viet Box’, available in various combinations such as chicken curry and spicy chicken noodles. 20150529_130330The service is friendly enough and (as the ingredients are pre-cooked) extremely fast – making this an ideal option for those on a tight timetable. Another big plus point for Chinco are the prices. A Viet Box clocks in at a very competitive €3.50 – comparable to similar eats outside of the centre, but undercutting most other local choices.

The Chicken Curry Viet Box contains a reasonably generous amount of chicken, along with sticky rice, bean sprouts, carrot and topped off with a fairly spicy curry sauce. Although the chicken, vegetables and sauce hit the spot, the rice tends towards the over sticky side – clumping together into a big rice ball. The portion size is adequate for a normal appetite, although those with a bigger belly or who have skipped breakfast may feel unsatisfied. 20150529_124623

Chinco’s real appeal lies in its super central location next to Friedrichstraße station. Restaurants and cafes in the area tend to cater for our friends in suits, ties and Audis – budget options, apart from a few sub-par kebab shops and T.E.I.B. pet favourite Ditsch, are limited. Whilst the food may not win any Michelin stars, the location alone makes Chinco a welcome addition to the Mitte culinary landscape, especially for English teachers without a hankering for kebab or pretzel.

Taste 2.5/5 Convenience 5/5 Value 3.5/5

Georgenstr. 25
10117 Berlin


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