Easy essen for English teachers: Ditsch

As an business English teacher in Berlin, it’s something of an understatement to say that you will travel the length and breadth of the city.

Note the queue of hungry English teachers waiting patiently for their pretzels

Note the queue of hungry English teachers waiting patiently for their pretzels

This sadly unavoidable part of the job equals hours of staring into the inky blackness of the U-Bahn window contemplating the meaning of infinity, or reading a book – whichever takes your fancy. A more positive spin on the transience-level of teaching is the sheer volume of lunchtime options that this provides. Teaching generally affords a longer lunch break and constant travelling means it is likely you will go past one of the culinary centres of excellence in Mitte, Mehringdamm and so on. Berlin’s noon food offerings cover all the ground from traditional baked goods, wurst and kebab to sushi, Chinese and curry. So when you take your lunch, spare a thought for the 9-5ers munching on a soggy ham and cheese sandwich.

First up, Ditsch.


Have you ever seen such a happy pretzel?

Have you ever seen such a happy pretzel?

Mainz-born and bread (pun most definitely intended) chain Ditsch is a standard bakery which offers a fairly limited but quality range of sandwiches, pizza and pastries. Whilst the eats on offer are tasty, the prices tend to make a bigger dent in your wallet than your hunger, with sandwiches and pizza within the (average-high) €2.80 – €3.80 range.

Where Ditsch really towers over the competition however, is in the provision of the humble Pretzel. For a hugely competitive 65 cents a pop, you get the finest pretzel I’ve tried yet in Berlin. Due to the high turnover especially at the major train stations like Friedrichstrasse and Zoo, they are freshly baked and warm. For the English teacher on the prowl for an quick and easy snack, the pretzels alone make Ditsch well worth the visit.

(ratings for the pretzel) Taste 3.5/5 Convenience 4/5 Value 4.5/5

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  1. BerLingo says:

    First thing I do every single time I arrive in Schönefeld Airport: buy a warm pretzel from the teeny Ditsch counter under the S-Bahn station into Berlin. It makes the 20-odd minute ride into the city even more pleasurable. I can’t wait until April when they are available 24/7 – dangerous times…

  1. June 2, 2015

    […] ties and Audis – budget options, apart from a few sub-par kebab shops and T.E.I.B. pet favourite Ditsch, are limited. Whilst the food may not win any Michelin stars, the location alone makes Chinco a […]

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