Easy essen for English teachers: Mishba Burritos and Kumpir

Excellent,budget-friendly burritos and kumpir in the heart of Mitte
Underground at S+U Friedrichstrasse. Also located at S+U Alexanderplatz

Step aside Chinco Vietnam Restaurant, just round the corner sits the new king of Friedrichstraße eateries and he means business. Mishba, located in unprepossessing surroundings underground at Friedrichstraße station, supplies a range of burritos, salads and kumpir (Turkish jacket potato) to a ravenous and grateful (judging by the queue) Mitte public. This snack bar is not the most comfortable place to take your repast, being primarily a takeaway with only a few tables and they are mostly occupied by the punters waiting for their orders.20150805_130921 Kein problem, the nearby Dorothea-Schlegel-Platz is you open-air dining room. Mishba is a popular place and whilst you avoid the ridiculous waits seen at hipster-wet-dream Mustapha’s, you should still budget 5-15 minutes to get your food.

But what about the food? Well, you can choose between 4 set burritos or jacket potatoes including the Veggi Pancho and the popular Chicken Gonzales, or pay a little bit extra and assemble your own from a range of ingredients from beef and chicken to cheese, beans and guacamole. Whilst the menu is not particularly extensive, the food on offer is excellent.

The Chicken Gonzales is damned-near perfect, packed with chicken, onion, cheese, tomato, salad and this fantastic corny-rice that I would love to get the receipe to. You also get sauce in the form of sour cream and scharf (spicy sauce) if you so desire. Everything is well-cooked, in good proportions and avoiding the overly-liquid filling you sometimes get with a burrito. In terms of price, €3.60 for a burrito is top-class value, undercutting most other food places in the area. The bakery upstairs charges €3.29 for a filled bread roll. I know which one I’d rather have.

Watch out! Everyone wants some burrito.

Watch out! Everyone wants some burrito.

Only 2 complaints can be made.

Firstly, when my burrito is scharf, I expect every bite to be akin to a volcano erupting in my mouth and every chew to see lava-like sweat spewing through my pores. Mishba’s spicy sauce is disappointing mild.

Secondly, my rapid and increasing consumption of these quite delicious burritos is leading to unsightly weight gain. That is, I implore you, a small price to pay.

Price 4.5/5
Taste 4.5/5
Convenience 4/5

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