This is a party word-describing game that works well, reviews vocabulary and is great fun with larger groups – you need at least 6 students, but this works better with 9+. Students write 3 names, words or short phrases; and then describe and act them to the others on their team. The game consists of 3 rounds. In round 1, the students describe the words. In round 2, they act the words. In round 3, they can say only one word associated with the target word.

Time: 60 – 75 minutes (the bigger the group, the longer it takes)
Preparation: Zero! (you need a bag, hat, envelope or plastic wallet as the word bag)
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Happy students: *****


  1. Put the students into groups of 3 – 4
  2. Each student secretly (very important) writes 3 words, names or short phrases onto 3 separate pieces of paper. For example, dog, Lionel Messi, I like eating pizza
  3. The students fold each piece of paper and drop it into the word bag
  4. Begin round 1. Student 1 from team 1 has one minute to describe as many words as possible to their team.
  5. They cannot use the target word in their descriptions. They can pass only one word. After one minute has passed, the team keeps any successfully described words, and passes the word bag to the next team
  6. This team then has one minute. Continue with this until all the words have been described. Add up all the words each team has described and write that on the board.
  7. Begin round 2. Put all the words back in the word bag. Resume from the team in the last round. Now, students act the words. They can’t say anything at all. Repeat until all the words are acted and add up scores (like round 1).
  8. Begin round 3. All words back in the bag. This round, students can say one associated word, only one word. Again, repeat until all the words are gone.
  9. Add up the scores. The team with the most points are the winners.

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