List of listening activities


General background discussion related to the topic
Brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic (whole group or in pairs)
Ranking exercise related to topic
Pyramid discussion
Some conversation questions (whole group or in pairs) related to the topic
Write the title of the video or listening on the board and ask the class to predict what they will see or hear

First listening activities

Check ideas or results from lead-in
Ask the students to make a summary
General gist questions related to the video or listening (you need to prep this before)
Put sentences or phrases in the order that you hear them (you need to prep this before)

Second listening activities

Comprehension questions (you need to prep this before)
Frue/false questions (you need to prep this before)
Gap fill (you will need a complete script for this)

Follow up activities


Grammar point related to the video or listening

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  1. BerLingo says:

    Ah….CELTA flashbacks already 😉
    I have just linked our from another post on your site out to the BBC Close Up series and have learnt all about currywurst, the pink pipes and, my personal favourite, bear pit karaoke! My first three weeks post-CELTA are going to be spent teaching A2/B1 students, so these videos might be a bit beyond them, but I’ve definitely bookmarked them for future use – so thanks!

  1. March 31, 2015

    […] Here is a list of listening activities […]

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