Memory Game

Can you remember playing the memory game with a pack of cards? You put all the cards face down and then take turns to match the same numbers together. So, this game is also perfect for language practice, is fun and really easy to set up. If you’ve been teaching a while, you’ve probably found this activity in resource and teachers books, but it’s simple to make the cards and adapt it to your classes and the language you want to concentrate on.

I’ve used this game to practice conditionals, direct/indirect questions and vocabulary, so that’s what I will explain here. However, you could adapt this activity for lots more.

Time: 15-30 minutes
Preparation: Cut up blank squares of paper
Level : Elementary – Advanced
Happy students: ****

  1. Give each student an even number of paper squares
  2. Your students create the cards. This next part depends on your language point:
  3. Conditionals – write the conditional clause on one paper square and the main clause on another
    Vocabulary – write the target word on one paper square and a picture/synonym on another
    Direct/indirect questions – write a direct question on one square and the indirect equivalent on the other

    In the end, they will have several pairs of cards. Each pair has matching/related words or sentences.

  4. Put all the cards face down in the middle
  5. Students take turns to try and match the related cards
  6. When all the cards are matched, the student with the most cards is the winner

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