Question asking game

A fantastic way to practice question formation as well as providing general fluency practice, this game is popular and gets even your most reluctant students contributing.

Students write questions and then discuss them in rotating groups of 3. This game works best with groups of more than 9.

Time: 30 – 45 minutes
Preparation: Zero!
Level: Elementary – Advanced
Happy students: ***

  1. Students write 3 questions each. You can decide whether they should write on a particular theme or grammar point, or if they have complete discretion
  2. Put all the questions into a hat
  3. Put students into groups of 3
  4. Give each student in the group a number from 1 to 3
  5. Each group then picks 3 random questions from the hat
  6. Give them 3 minutes to discuss the questions
  7. Times up! Ask students 1 to move 1 group to the left
  8. Again, 3 questions in 3 minutes
  9. Ask students 2 to move 2 groups to the left
  10. Again, 3 questions in 3 minutes
  11. Ask students 3 to move 3 places to the left
  12. Repeat until all the questions are gone

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