Sentence race

This is a great activity to practice a grammar point and to make a gap fill exercise much more fun and competitive. Your students will love this activity. It can also facilitate student understanding and fluency as they will be discussing the correct answers together in small groups.

The objective is to complete all the sentences with the correct words.

Time: 10-20 minutes
Preparation: Prepare 6-10 sentences with missing words (a gap fill). Print the sentences and cut out each sentence onto a separate piece of paper. Have enough sentences for each group.
Level: Elementary – Advanced
Happy students: ****

1. Put the class into small groups of 3-4 people
2. Sit each group around one table
3. Put the cut-up sentences on your desk in separate piles for each team
4. One student from each team comes to your desk to collect the first sentence. They take it back to their team and try to write the correct answer
5. Once they are sure they have the correct answer, the student brings the sentence back to you. You check if it is correct.
6. If correct, they take the 2nd sentence.
7. If wrong, they need to take the 1st sentence back to their team and try again
8. The first team to complete all sentences correctly are the winners

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