Stop the Bus

This is a great time filler for those 20 minutes at the end of the class when you have nothing to do

Time: 5 – 25 minutes

Preparation: zero!

Level: Elementary – Advanced

Happy students: *****


  1. Draw a grid on the board (see right, with credit to Paintstop the bus
  2. Add 4 categories – you decide or better, throw it open to your excited/creative students. Examples: countries, food, drinks, football teams, parts of the body, clothes.
  3. Students stand up and get one pen per team.
  4. You run through the alphabet in your head. They say stop and you give them a letter. For example, C. They have to write a word for each category beginning with C.
  5. When they have written a word in each category, they say stop.
  6. Give them one point for each correct word. You can decide whether to take points away for cheating or spelling mistakes. I normally give them a bonus point if they write 4 words correctly.
  7. Repeat for as many rounds as you wish.

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3 Responses

  1. jschaalje says:

    Great game! I play this game in a different variation with my students, but am going to try yours!

  2. Hi. This is always a great game to play. The other downside is that you need a whiteboard. In Berlin, most classes are in-company and you only have a flipchart. You can still play, but it’s not as good. Which variation do you use?

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